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Animation and Visual Effects

Our Animation and Visual Effects Bachelor’s Degree is designed to launch students toward a successful career in visual effects for film and television, and emerging applications for 3D visualization and 3D animation. This training prepares students for entry-level positions in the fields of animation, visual effects for film and television, video game production, scientific visualization, and other mediums that require 3D graphics and animation.  With two Bay Area schools in San Jose and Emeryville, a curriculum including 3D character and computer animation, animation Maya and VFX is accessible to you wherever you are in California or beyond.

At our Animation and VFX School Students will:

  • Learn and practice the fundamentals of art, animation design, and visual effects (VFX).
  • Apply skills and knowledge to 3D modeling, character animation, motion capture, character rigging, texture and lighting, compositing and more.
  • Gain knowledge based on experience through extensive lab time using multiple hardware platforms and industry standard visual effects software.
  • Create a series of projects and assets throughout the program specially developed to demonstrate their knowledge and abilities to potential employers.
  • Training includes drawing, storyboarding, 2D animation, video editing, 3D animation, texture and lighting, modeling, character rigging, compositing, rendering, motion capture and dynamic effects.

In addition to taking General Education classes that are designed to develop essential academic skills for enhanced and continued life-long learning, our students also take courses in our Common Core program. Our Common Core curriculum provides every student with instruction in digital media literacy and 21st century design skills. These multidisciplinary courses combine practical training in digital video, audio, and design with guided development of “soft skills” such as storytelling, critical thinking, collaboration, resume writing, and job interview practice.

View the full Animation & Visual Effects curriculum.