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The Ex'pert Series

Several times a year, Industry & Career Services draws from our extensive roster of professional contacts and invites accomplished industry veterans to speak with our students as part of the Ex'pert Series. During this intimate setting, our featured guests discuss current industry trends, offer advice for students seeking work in the industry, and answer questions about workplace environments and styles.


Upcoming Ex'pert Series with GMUNK

Design Director & Graphic Designer

Friday, August 8, 2014
2 – 4 PM
Meyer Hall (Emeryville campus)

Bradley G. Munkowitz ( GMUNK ) is a graphic designer by foundation, who has over a decade of experience functioning as a design director for the motion graphics industry. He’s also remained passionately involved in the global design community, giving lectures around the world about his process and experiences. He’s collaborated with distinguished international brands via his work at top tier outfits BUCK, Prologue Films, Transistor Studios, and Bot & Dolly and has designed UI and holographic sequences on the feature films TRON and Oblivion with Joseph Kosinski. His work is characterized as a hybrid of science fiction themes informed by a psychedelic visual palette.

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