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Graphic Design & Motion

Our Graphic Design & Motion program provides students with traditional design training in print and web design in addition to learning motion and digital graphic design. Training in this challenging program prepares students for careers as motion graphic designers in broadcast, film, web, advertising and other industries.

Through our digital graphic design school, students will:

  • Learn the fundamentals of graphic design like fine art drawing, typography, concept creation, and color theory and expand upon them for motion graphics used in music videos, title treatments, and other graphics for broadcast, film, and advertising.
  • Focuses on process, research, concept and strategy for marketing, advertising and commercial design.
  • Develop projects for cross-platform media delivery, including print, broadcast, games, DVDs, the Internet and a variety of interactive screen environments.
  • Utilize extensive lab time to become adept in a variety of industry-standard applications.
  • Work with real world clients on out-of-class projects on a volunteer basis.
  • Developed a portfolio web site and motion graphics demo reel that demonstrates the overall expertise of a trained cross-platform media designer, production artist and art/creative director.

In addition to taking General Education classes that are designed to develop essential academic skills for enhanced and continued life-long learning, our students also take courses in our Common Core program. Our Common Core curriculum provides every student with instruction in digital media literacy and 21st century design skills. These multidisciplinary courses combine practical training in digital video, audio, and design with guided development of “soft skills” such as storytelling, critical thinking, collaboration, resume writing, and job interview practice.

View the full Graphic Design & Motion curriculum.