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Sound Arts

The Sound Arts program provides students with knowledge and skills to help shape audio design and creation. Training prepares students for entry-level employment in the fields of music production, audio post-production, live sound, computer music production, studio management, sound design, and musical recording. Ex’pression College is an Apple Authorized Training Center for Pro Applications and an AVID certified Pro School.

In our Sound Arts program, students will:

  • be able to work in diverse professional situations collaboratively
  • be competent in Digital/Analog Music and Post production environments
  • understand audio troubleshooting in advanced production environments
  • be competent in Live Sound Production environments
  • be prepared technically and creatively as Multi-Media specialists, and will demonstrate the ability to continue to learn

In addition to taking General Education classes that are designed to develop essential academic skills for enhanced and continued life-long learning, our students also take courses in our Common Core program. Our Common Core curriculum provides every student with instruction in digital media literacy and 21st century design skills. These multidisciplinary courses combine practical training in digital video, audio, and design with guided development of “soft skills” such as storytelling, critical thinking, collaboration, resume writing, and job interview practice.

View the full Sound Arts curriculum.